FS 90 Float Switch

Contegra's FS 90 is an environmentally friendly, non-mercury, 5-1/2" diameter, Direct Acting Float Switch that's made of Type 316 stainless steel.   FS 90 is a rugged, reliable raw sewage or sewage wet well, point-level sensing device.  It is well-suited for use in a process sump or water reservoir sensor where its simplicity of operation, quality, and ruggedness provide years of reliable service.

September 2021:  The 'coating' on the exterior of the FS 90 and FS 96 floats has changed.  The Laminex(TM) coating has changed to polished stainless steel (i.e. the float ball is uncoated and has a mirror-like finish).          


FS 90 Sales Literature:     Datasheet
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FS 9X On Pipe