SLX 330 Overview:

The SLX 330 Submersible Level Transducer is typically used to monitor the level of chemical tanks, streams, clearwells or other applications with low-to-moderate suspended solids.  [Applications with higher levels of suspended solids should consider using Contegra's SLX 130 or SLX 160.] 

The SLX 330 has a 1.0" diameter Type 316 Stainless steel housing and undulated stainless steel diaphragm.  The housing is suited for use in chemically aggressive applications. 

The SLX 330 -M provides an industry standard, loop-powered 4-20 mADC output and is available in poressure ranges as low as 1,0 PSI and up to 500 PSI.

The SLX 330 -M has a 9 VDC lift-off voltage (nominal) and operates on a supply voltage of up to 36VDC.  

The SLX 330 ’s sensor has a 0.5% typical accuracy.  The SLX 330 is pendent mounted (i.e. suspended) via its signal cable or may be mounted via the integral 1/2" MNPT fitting at the top of the sensor's housing. 


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