T423 - Loop Powered Current Transmitter w/Simulation

Contegra's T423 4-20 mA transmitter provides convenient, easily adjustable signal spanning of the SLX 130-E Submersible Level Transducer’s process signal over as little as 20% of the sensor’s range.  Additionally the T423 provides input simulation and three levels of transient protection on the process loop.  Simulation allows the user calibrate the T423 on-the-bench. 

The T423 accepts a nominal 0-5 VDC input (or portion thereof) and provides convenient calibration to produce a 4-20 mA output proportional to that input.

The T423 is loop powered, 12-28 VDC.  It provides three levels of transient protection on the 4-20 mA loop: a gas tube arrestor for suppression of high voltages, transorbs, and varistors for fast clamping of lower voltage transients.

The 4-20 mA loop may be measured without interrupting the circuit by inserting the meter’s probes into two jacks on the face of the transmitter.  (The meter needs a burden voltage of 10 mV/mA or less.)

The T423 provides up to 3.8 mA at (nominally) 5 VDC to power the sensor.

Offset is adjustable and Span is adjustable from 20-100% of the 5 Volt range.


          T423 Sales Literature:     10423-0001-02 T423


T423 2012-06-14