SLX 160 Overview:

The SLX 160 Submersible Level Transducer is typically used to monitor the level of sewage wet wells, chemical tanks, streams, clearwells, ground storage tanks or other applications with low-to-moderate suspended solids.

The SLX 160 has a 2.0" diameter ABS/PVC housing and 0.9" ceramic diaphragm.  The housing is suited for use in chemically aggressive applications.  The plastic housing also provides excellent electrical isolation from surges which are typically encountered due to lightning. 

SLX 160 is available in either of two outputs: 1) The SLX 160-M provides an industry standard, loop-powered 4-20 mADC output 2) the SLX 160-E is a three wire transducer with 5 VDC excitation and a 0.5-4.5 VDC ratiometric output (nominal).  

The SLX 160-M is a two-wire loop-powered device that provides a 4-20 mADC output.  The SLX 160-E and SLX 160-M are available in standard ranges of 0-1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15 and 30 PSI.  The SLX 160-M can be factory calibrated to the customer specified span (e.g. 4-20 mADC over 0-18' excursion).  

The SLX 160-M has a 12 VDC lift-off voltage (nominal) and operates on a supply voltage of up to 30VDC.  

The SLX 160 ’s sensor has a 1.0% typical accuracy.  The SLX 160 is pendent mounted (i.e. suspended) via its Kevlar®-strengthened signal cable.  Thus, the SLX 160 is appropriate for applications with low to moderate turbulence.  [Applications with high turbulence may benefit from the SLX 130’s ability to be pipe mounted.]

Sensing Ranges:

1 PSI (2.31 foot maximum excursion)
3 PSI (6.93 foot maximum excursion)
5 PSI (11.5 foot maximum excursion)
7 PSI (16.2 foot maximum excursion)
10.0 PSI (23.1 foot maximum excursion)
15.0 PSI (34.6 foot maximum excursion)
30 PSI (34.7 foot maximum excursion)

Types of Signal Cable: 

The SLX 160-M is available with either a Ropellant™ jacketed cable made of TPE (Thermoplastic elastomer) or as Teflon(R) jacketed cable.  The SLX 160-E is available with the Teflon(R) jacketed cable.  The Ropellant™ jacketed cable is specially formulated with an integral rodent repellent. 


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