SLX 220a & SLX 220b Overview:

The SLX 220a and SLX 220b submersible transducers consist of two components; a level transmitter (i.e. the SLX 130-E) and a current transmitter (i.e. the T425 or T423 respectively).

The SLX 130-E provides a 0,5-4.5 VDC output over the sensor's pressure range.  The T425 and T423 provide the 5VDC (nominal) stable reference to excite the SLX 130-E.  Further, the T425 and T423 convert the 0.5-4.5 VDC signal to a calibrated 4-20 mADC output.  Both the T425 and the T423 contain SPAN and OFFSET potentiometers which allow the installing technician to adjust the T425/T423 output so that the signal meets the requirements as found in the field.  Further, the T423, as found in the SLX 220b, provides an on-board simulation potentiometer which allows the field tech to simulate the tank's level, thus reducing the necessity of a full tank of water for transducer calibration.

SLX 220a & SLX 220b   Datasheet 

SLX 220a  - T425     Datasheet

SLX 220b - T423     Datasheet


1) The photograph shows the SLX 220 with the optional NEMA 4X enclosure.  
2) The SLX 220a ships with the T425.
3) The SLX 220b ships with the T423.

SLX 220ab Photo

SLX 220 w/Optional NEMA 4X Enclosure


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