CA-230 Duplex Pump Controller

The CA-230a is a duplex pump controller comprised of a HMI (Human Machine Interface) and IO Module.  The CA-230 may be used in either a Pump-Up, tank-filling, or Pump-Down (tank-emptying) application. 

The CA-230’s control span is user configurable.  Typical control spans range from 5.0 to 34.7 feet.  The controller accepts a nominal 4-20 mADC input and transforms that input into typical calibrated spans (e.g. 11.5, 15.0 or 23.1 feet).  The controller is ideally suited for use with Contegra’s SLX 130-M/MIS or SLX 160 submersible transducers.   

CA-230/SM Retro-Kit

The CA-230 is available as a pre-assembled kit which can replace the salient features of the Station Master 2000 controller (SM2K).  The kit is referred to as the CA-230/SM Retro-Kit.  Please call Contegra for additional information regarding the Retro-Kit. 

Note: This kit can also be used to replace the salient features of the Smith & Loveless PX2 Controllers.  .)

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