Analog Input ...

Contegra's Station Master 700 controllers carry on a tradition set by Contegra's Station Master 2000 and 3000.  

The Station Master 700 series controllers have an EZ-To-See/EZ-to-Set touchscreen interface.  The Station Master 700 series accepts an analog input and provides On/Off control for 2, 3 or 4 pumps (SM702, SM703 & SM704 respectively).

Contegra's CA-200 provides economical duplex pump control based on an analog input.  It's push-button interface provides adjustments for pump On/Off and alarm levels.

Discrete Input (i.e. Floats) ...

Contegra offers a lineup of duplex and triplex controllers.  The CD Series includes the CD-2R Redundant Controller, CD-2PC Primary Controller, CD-2PD Primary Controller with expanded IO and several variations of the CD-3 (triplex) pump controllers.