Calibrating the SM70X Controller (4-20 mADC Input)


  1. If required, press the BACK push-button (upper left corner of the display) and return the to HOME screen.
  2. When at the HOME Screen, press the MENU push-button and move the “Main Menu”
  3. From the Main Menu”, press ( 3 ) Tech Assist
  4. From the Tech Assist display press ( Configure ) the Controller’s Setup
  5. From the Initial Setup display, press ( 1 0) Configure Analog Inputs and Outputs
  6. From the Setup Analog Ins and Outs display press ( 1 ) Configure the Displayed Scale
  7. When at the Process Input Setup display
    1. Confirm that the “Sensor’s Range” is correct.  The Sensors Range is stated in feet.  when using a pressure/submersible sensor the range may be calculated as Range = 2.31 * PSI  (e.g. the range of a 5 PSI sensor is 2.31 * 5 = 11.55 feet..  In this case, one would typically enter 11.6 as the Max Range
    2. Confirm that the Displayed Scale” is correct.  The displayed scale must be less than or equal to the “Sensor’s Range”.  (The controller does not permit a value to be greater than the “Sensor’s Range”.)
    3. Confirm that the “Analog Input Type” is set to mADC
    4. Confirm that “Signal Averaging/Damping” is set to a reasonable number.  Large numbers make the process input appear to be sluggish.
  8. From the “Process Input Setup” display press (View ) 1a – the Primary Sensor’s attributes
  9. If using a submersible level transducer, remove the transducer from the tank.  The transducer produces its minimum output (i.e. 4 mADC) when removed from the liquid.  If using any other level sensing transducer, move the transducer or reduce the pressure so that the transducer produces its minimum output (i.e. 4 MADC).
  10. From the “Primary Sensor (AIn0) display read the Present Value.  When a 4mADSC input is applied, the “present Value” should be 400 counts (nominally).
  11. The fastest way to calibrate the controller’s input is to press and hold the Quick Set button for three seconds.  The controller asks for a password.  After the password is entered the controller automatically places the “”Present Value” in the variable entitled MinAIn0 and places the calculated maximum value in the variable entitles MaxAIn0.
  12. Calibration is complete.  Press the BACK push-button and return to the HOME screen.
  13. Confirm the controller’s proper operation.
  14. Password access automatically cancels after a period of keypad inactivity.
  15. The back-light is disabled by pressing MENU and then pressing ( Back-light ) Turn off the backlight.
  16. Touching the screen wakes-up the display.  Upon waking-up the HOME screen appears on the display.