Why use a "Redundant/Backup" Controller?

A Redundant/Backup controller is analogous to a spare tire.  One hopes that they never have a flat tire.  However, flats happen; sometimes at the most inopportune time.

Why consider a backup controller?

1) The primary controller is inoperative/off-line.  Possible case: Lightning, electrical surge, tripped- breaker, maintenance, etc.

2) The primary system's level sensor is inoperative

Configuring a redundant system:

1) Some primary controllers provide dual-sensor inputs (two analog sensors or an analog sensor [primary] and floats [backup]).  That may be adequate if one only expects a sensor failure.  However, a complete/separate redundant/backup controller provides significant additional advantages (i.e. piece of mind)

2) Redundancy may include:

     a) Placing the redundant controller on the alternate side of the lighting panel/control transformer

     b) Powering the redundant control with an Uninterrupted Power Supply

 Contegra's Redundant Controllers:

Duplex Pumping stations - Refer to the CD 2R

Triplex Pumping Stations - Refer to the CD 3R