Technical Assistance - Controllers

Small-Signal Wiring:

Special care must be taken when pulling "small signal" wiring through control enclosures and field installations.  Find out what should be done to minimize electrical noise.    More >

SM70X Calibration:

Quite often a perceived "problem" is just an improper calibration.  This short guide leads the field serice tech through the process of calibrating a SM70X controller.     More >

Simulating a Loop-Powered Device:

Testing a control system often requires the ability to reduce variables so that one may concentrate on the problem.  Contegra's mACS ("Max") provide an easy means by which one may simulate the operation of a two-wire loop powered transmitter.  The mACS is a two-wire loop wire simulator which produces a 4-20 mADC output.  The Increase/Decrease push-buttons allow the user to change the output over a range of 96 steps.           More >

Redundant Control:

Experience is a difficult teacher.  Control panels can experience problems at the most inconvenient hour.  If the primary control system should have a problem, few people want to spend their time manually operating pumps while the problem is resolved.  Contegra's CD-2R and CD-3R are inexpensive and reliable back-up/redundant controllers.  More >