The FS 202

Contegra's FS 202 dry well float switch provides reliable service as a sentinel in the equipment chamber of a sewage pumping station to alarm on sensing a flood.  The switch may also be used in process sumps or water reservoir for point-level measurement of clear liquids (which will not foul the sliding switch).

The FS 202 switch has a hermetically sealed reed switch located inside the stem.  The switch is actuated by a magnet located in the float.  As the float rises and falls, the magnetic field passing the switch (in the stem) causes the switch to actuate.

The switch operates in either the “normally open” or “normally closed” mode.  Selecting the mode is as easy as removing the retaining clip and reversing the float on the stem.


          FS 202 Sales Literature:     10029-0001-06 FS 202

FS 202