Surge KG1

Contegra's level sensors are often used in highly exposed areas where lightning damage is common. In many cases, the good solution for 2-wire loop-powered transmitter is a Surge Protection Device (SPD) such as Contegra's Surge-KG1.  The Surge KG1 provides a compact design and simple installation which makes it an choice for transmitter protection.  

In applications where surges are of concern, SPDs should be connected at each end of a 4-20 mADC transmission line.  One SPD helps to protect the process equipment,.  The other SPD helps protect the level sensor.

Surge KG1 - Auto Reset

The Surge KG1 is intended for use in applications that are NOT intrinsically safe.  The Surge KG1 contains an integral resettable fuse that opens on a fault condition.  The resettable fuse automatically resets following the passing of the transient.     Surge KG1 Info > 

Note: SPDs can be disabled or destroyed by a sufficiently large surge.  The SPD is expendable.  It  is designed to protect the more expensive and/or more sensitive level sensor or process automation equipment.