Contegra manufacturers analog and discrete level sensors.

  • Analog

  • An "Analog" sensor's output is continuously variable over the sensor's pressure range.  
    • Submersible:   Submersible transducers are typically used in Sewage Sumps and Ground Storage Tank.          Go to Submersible >
    • Gauge:  Gauge pressure transducers are typically mounted on the outside of a tank and at the bottom of the tank (i.e. in the valve pit).          Go to Gauge >
    • Ultrasonic:   Ultrasonic transducers transmit short busts of sound and measure the time required to hear a returning echo.  Contegra's transducer converts the 'time-of-flight" into an industry standard 4-20 mADC output.          Go to Ultrasonic >
  • Discrete

  • The "sensor" is typically a float switch that's mounted at a fixed location.  A rising/falling liquid level causes the switch contacts to Open/Close.
    •  FS 90 & FS 96 (Direct Acting Float Switch):  Contegra's FS 90 and FS 96 are made of Type 316 stainless steel.  Their 5.5" float body is incredibly durable and provide significantly bouyancy than the typical plastic float.      Go to FS 90 Non-Mercury >      Go to FS 96 Mercury >
    • Dry Well Flood:  Contegra's FS 202 mounts to the wall of the pump station dry well.  Should a leak occur, a slight rise of the FS 202's float causes the alarm contact to transfer.
      Go to FS 202 >